Intuitive Healing and Guidance

I don’t just do one thing…and its hard to pinpoint just one. I use them all sometimes! I do what I am divinely and intuitively guided to do…but here’s a glimpse…I am forever a student therefor ever evolving my skill set and offerings.


These sessions are divinely guided to help those who may not know exactly what they want or need but are looking for guidance. These sessions can be anything from trance healing, to readings, coaching or a combination of all the things in my esoteric tool belt.


Access Bars, or The Bars, is a relaxing hands-on energy modality that involves gently touching 32 points on the head. Through these gentle touches releasing begins to take place. Which then allows you to begin to make space to receive...to receive abundance, love, gratitude, and joy in your life with total ease. By activating these 32 points (or centers) it is like hitting reset on the brain.

No matter what modality I'm channeling my aim is to pour divine love in to you!